Download the 1900 Broadway Project Remedial Action Plan

Download the 1900 Broadway Project Remedial Action Plan (“RAP”) by clicking the button and filling out the Download Form. The RAP document describes the Project’s construction management activities, community protection measures including Air Quality Control, Soil Management Plan during Excavation and Grading and more.


Learn about the 1900 Broadway Project

The 1900 Broadway project consists of a mixed-use multifamily residential apartment tower comprised of 39-story tower with 452 Apartments (357,000 SF), two floors (52,000 SF) of office space and a ground floor lobby and retail. The project will be constructed over a 32 month period and measure around 394 feet tall.

Site Redevelopment

The 1900 Broadway project consists of a land parcel that is approximately 0.72 acres and the site is a redevelopment site that will replace the previous abandoned site that used to be host to a theater, commercial office space, retail space and various other uses and turn it into the 1900 Broadway Tower project. The existing soil, if contaminated is being completely excavated and off-hauled leaving the site cleaner than it was before. See our Site Redevelopment Plan for more information.

24-Hour Contact Info

24-Hour Emergency Contact information is available on our contact page as well as posted on our security fence signage. Every precaution is taken to ensure that our construction site and its immediate vicinity are safe and secure. If you see something that looks unsafe or out of the ordinary please contact our team immediately. 

FAQ List

As the community reaches out to us with questions, we will post the most frequently asked questions and their answers so readers can benefit from our previous conversations. If you would like to ask questions directly, please see our form fill below. The team can also be reached on our contact us page. Read More

CMP Practices

Construction Management Planning is the comprehensive effort by the project manage the site and the “means and methods” in which the building is constructed. This includes planning out an entire list of safety measures and procedures, how and when the project will accept deliveries, how the crane operates, how dust is controlled, how traffic is managed and more.

Noise Monitoring

Noise is a concern to the community. The Project has active noise monitors installed and managed by an independent 3rd party company that are keeping track of site activity and the noise created from construction work. With prescribed noise level limits in place, we are notified if any activity exceeds those prescribed limits, the activity is stopped and the team reviews how the incident occurred, and remedies the issue. Read More

Traffic Control Plan

A Traffic Control plan was created to plan out how the project would manage traffic for safety, minimize travel impacts, and assist in construction coordination. The plan adjusts throughout the multiple phases of construction as the needs and impacts of the project changes as construction progresses. The plan was actively reviewed and revised by the City of Oakland and approved. Read More

Dust Control

No one likes dust. The Project has strict dust control measures implemented throughout the entire construction phase. In addition, Dust monitoring devices are installed to take readings as to any dust leaving the site. We are dedicated toward limiting the disruption and discomfort to our neighbors to the lowest measure possible. Read More

Graffiti Control

During construction and operation of the project, the project shall incorporate best management practices reasonably related to the control of graffiti and/or the mitigation of the impacts of graffiti. Read More

Agency Notification

There are instances during construction that our team will be responsible to notify certain Agencies; such instances include but are not limited to the discovery of unknown underground tanks, sumps, vaults, piping or newly found contamination. Notification to such agencies will take place within 24 hours of the discovery event. Read More

Environmental Health

The Project is currently under construction and special care is being taken to reduce the impacts to the surrounding community. Special practices have been implemented including noise monitoring, dust monitoring, vibration monitoring, mud control measures and more. To see the soil and groundwater management plan, please go to the page by clicking the button below.

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Project Schedule

The Project schedule will last approximately 32 total months to final completion. Major milestones include the following:

  • 5/14/2020: Construction Start
  • 10/15/2020: Shoring and Excavation Complete
  • 10/15/2021: 39 Floors Topped Out
  • 1/15/2023: Construction Complete

See Our Site In Action

Site Safety Signage

Contact Us

If you have questions, concerns or just want to reach out to the project team on-site, please fill in the form and someone will respond to you within 24 hours. Contacting the project team directly will be the fastest way to get questions answered, resolve any on-site issues, voice a dust or noise complaint and get things done. We invite the community to help us manage the site conditions so please let us know if there is anything to improve.

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